Jun 14, 2017
The latest version
Robomongo is now Robo 3T, with support for MongoDB 3.4, new data type NumberDecimal (Decimal128) and ECMAScript 2015 (ES6)
In this release, we have some fundamental changes such as MongoDB 3.4 support, new data type NumberDecimal support and ECMAScript 2015 (ES6) support. Fix for popular shell timeout problem (and shell timeout is configurable on UI now). Stability improvement: Fix to prevent an on-launch crash on macOS Sierra. Security improvement: OpenSSL upgraded to version openssl-1.0.1u (22-Sep-2016). Tool chain upgrades: Modern C++14 features are enabled and usable by developers.
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Apr 21, 2017
Final Release. Stability improvements, Notifications Bar, Welcome Tab and other improvements.
Celebrating Robomongo 1.0 release! This version includes a number of new features, improvements and bug fixes: update notifications bar, welcome tab and welcome wizard. New UI option to enter replica set name. Fixes to avoid same replica set name problem, fixes to solve various problems regarding Data and Timestamp data types.
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1.0 RC1
Feb 2, 2017
Support for Replica Set Clusters
In this release, we have lots of changes and improvements. In summary, Replica Set feature is the most major feature of this release, we have error reporting improvements for almost all operations, we have new 'Attributes' column to see important connection properties such as 'Replica Set', 'SSL' and 'SSH'. And many more explained in the blog post.
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Oct 6, 2016
Full Size Editor with Dockable Output Window
This version is final release version, tested thoroughly and is ready to be used in production. We have added several new features and enhancements. Full size editor with dockable output window. New context menu items: Copy Name, Copy Path, Current Operations and Kill Operation. Minimize to tray icon feature for Windows. And more.
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0.9.0 RC10
Aug 19, 2016
Support for SSL, MongoDB Atlas and HiDPI enhancements
Central feature of this release is full support for TSL/SSL protocol with advanced options. This version also brings support to MongoDB Atlas cloud service and includes enhancements for HiDPI displays.
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0.9.0 RC9
Jun 1, 2016
Collection advanced options, SSH enhancements and UUID helpers
This version has a lot of features: advanced configuration options for creating collections, UUID helpers, SSH fixes and import of connection settings from previous releases of Robomongo. Also now Robomongo saves and restores main window size and position.
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0.9.0 RC8
Apr 14, 2016
Support for SSH and many other improvements
Support for SSH protocol was re-implemented which is now 4x faster and has "ask for password" feature. New Diagnostic dialog, Explorer improvements, detailed error reporting, stability improvements, fix for flickering script editor and many, many more.
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0.9.0 RC7
Mar 4, 2016
Shell errors reporting, queries logs and other improvements
In this release we focused on shell errors reporting, queries logs, added confirmation to edit dialog and did a couple of other improvements.
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0.9.0 RC6
Feb 13, 2016
Support for IPv6 protocol
Robomongo now supports IPv6 protocol and loads list of collections much faster.
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0.9.0 RC5
Feb 8, 2016
Campaign advertisement removed
In this version we removed advertisement about crowdfunding campaign Save Robomongo. Robomongo is completely ad-free.
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0.9.0 RC4
Feb 1, 2016
Authentication Mechanisms
In this version we added support for MongoDB Authentication Mechanisms (SCRAM-SHA-1 and MONGODB-CR) and improved support for direct connection to Replica Set members.
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0.9.0 RC3
Jan 29, 2016
Floating-point precision fix
During work on this release candidate we have solved number of the most annoying problems of version 0.8.5. Among them are fixes for incorrect handling of the floating-point numbers and BSON arrays.
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0.9.0 RC2
Jan 25, 2016
Stable shutdown of embedded shells
In this release we fixed critical issue with incorrect shutdown of embedded MongoDB shells, that was part of Robomongo since the first release
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Feb 10, 2015
Improved OSX experience & editing features
Beside OSX improvements, new editing features in this release we also added new user preferences, new application icon and more
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Nov 27, 2013
Access your MongoDB using SSH or SSL
SSH, SSL support and autoexpand first document in a tree view
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Oct 1, 2013
Copy collections between servers
This version has a lot of new features including support for MongoDB 2.4 users, removing and inserting documents and more.
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Sep 13, 2013
Fix for the incorrect behavior with database name
Robomongo 0.8.2 is a service release and contains only one small fix for the incorrect behavior with database name
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Sep 6, 2013
Table view and paging improvements
This release contains a very exciting new features such as Table View and support for ".robomongorc.js" file.